You've traveled the land. Now it's time to go underground!

Modular cave terrain, compatible with all other Dungeons & Lasers sets.
Three themes, curved walls, and plenty of props!

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Modular system

Compatible with all other D&L Sets

Curved Walls Included

Hard Plastic - No PVC!

Quick Assembly without Glue


Rocky Caves Theme:

Deep within Deuslair’s rocky caves, a mesmerizing world emerges—ancient stalactites, walls covered with spider webs, and dark secrets, waiting to be uncovered. Sunlight barely filters through the crevices, casting an ethereal glow, while rhythmic drips and earthy scents intertwine, captivating the souls of many adventurers.

Belly of the Beast Theme:

Within the belly of the beast, a labyrinth of organic corridors unfolds. Shadows dance along the walls, intertwining with the echoes of a distant roar, while a sense of discovery battles with your feelings of trepidation. Amidst the darkness, each step carries with it a newfound excitement and the thrill of danger as adventurers encounter parasitic beings and abominations that hold the secrets of the inner world of Deuslair’s Tarrasque.

Demonic Caves Theme:

Near the territory conquered by the Forces of Chaos, sinister and demonic caves unfurl—a maze of shadowed corridors and malevolent whispers. Flickering torches cast eerie, dancing lights upon jagged walls, while the air thickens with a sense of dread. Amidst the darkness, intrepid souls tread cautiously, their hearts both enticed and gripped by the chaotic forces that lurk within the depths.

In addition to the well-known and loved walls, half-sized walls, and floors with a built-in grid, Dungeons & Lasers VI will feature brand-new innovations: bridged hills, corners, and curved walls! Intrigued? Subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

bridged hills

curved walls


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