How to get Dungeons&Lasers?

How to get


The platform we are using to launch Dungeons&Lasers is Kickstarter. It’s a place where creators seek funding of their projects directly from the community. For help to create the project in its early phase, you get it before retail release and with plenty of freebies. An alternate name for this is crowdfunding.


When you fund the project you make a „pledge”. Every pledge comes with particular rewards and additional free of charge items, that come as a „thank you for your support” bonus. You can choose 3 pledges for Dungeons&Lasers, each one is explained in detail on the project page.

Stretch Goals

With more backers, we can afford to make our project even better. It’s called Unlocking of a Stretch Goals. Those bonuses are added for free to every pledge. Those are extra items, upgraded existing components and much more.


When you make a Pledge, you will be asked for your credit card number by a Kickstarter platform. Your funds will be held until our campaign ends. Once that happens – your card will be charged by Kickstarter. At this moment, there is no other way to make a payment during the campaign than a credit card.

Pledge manager

Few weeks after the campaign ends we will launch „Pledge Manager”. This is a website where you choose your rewards in detail, purchase any additional add-ons and provide us with your postage address. We will send you an e-mail about it.

Spread the word!

The more backers our project gets, the more Stretch Goals we unlock and every pledge gets even more free content!

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