One Dungeon to play all the games.

Dungeons and Lasers is an innovative plastic tabletop terrain based on tiles. Choose your theme, connect walls to the floors, and you are ready to play any tabletop miniature game you want. And put that glue away – you won’t need one for this adventure.


Terrain that fits your game

Our tiles are featuring proper 30mm grid and walls are modelled to be in scale with 28/32mm miniatures.

Various designs to choose from

Our Dungeons come in 10 themes in total, in both fantasy and sci-fi variants. Whether you play DND or Starfinder or Warhammer40K – we got your game covered. 


Assemble in a blast

Build the dungeons in a matter of minutes using push and fit mechanism. Who needs glue anyway?

Dragon miniatures

There is no Dungeon without a proper “landlord”. Populate your adventure with wide range of our plastic Dragons we provide. Available as a separate set.


Customize it on the fly

Use dozens of extra bits to turn any room into special location or mark extra loot or areas.

Dungeon on the budget

With less than 100 USD you can easily populate 24×24 inches of table.

Durable plastic

You can wage battles there with fire dragons and armies of orcs, but our Dungeon will still endure it!

Easy storage

3D Dungeon can be easily turn flat – just unclip it and that’s it!


About US

We have loved miniatures ever since we were kids.

We grew up with tabletop games and we have decided to make our own. Named after one of classic video games creatures, Archon Studio is dedicated to create games and miniatures, challenging ourselves with more complex and detailed designs every time.

Born on Kickstarter platform, Archon lives among its community and funds its projects directly from the fans. Project after project, we create models both in plastic and resin, worth both painting and assembling.

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